Spanish Courses in Barcelona


Improve your speaking and widen your Spanish vocabulary

The goal of the Intensive Spanish Conversation Course ELE10C is to practice oral expression, learn new vocabulary, pronounce correctly and use correct grammar when speaking. 
The Spanish conversation courses, available in our centre in Barcelona, are given in small groups to ensure a high level of participation by all students and to guarantee personal attention to all students in the group. The groups formed in each course have the same level. In order to guarantee this, all students must first take the school’s level test (free with no obligation) to as to be able to correctly determine the right programme and level for each person.

The minimum starting level for joining these courses is A2
With this intensive course, the content of one level of Spanish is studied in 4 weeks and at the end of the course, the student receives a Spanish Language Certificate based on the criteria of the Common European Framework of Reference.


every Monday, except for absolute beginners who start on specific dates (see calendar  )      


from 1 up to 36 weeks. Each level lasts 4 weeks. MINIMUM LEVEL A2.


2 lessons of 55 minutes per day, 10 lessons per week.

Levels according to the CEFR.

The conversation classes combine 3 key aspects: communicative interaction in all possible situations of real use of the language (speaking in front of the group, conversation in pairs and groups), learning new vocabulary (related with the subject of the day to integrate it in the context and help memorize it) and correcting errors at the end of the class.

The advantage of studying this intensive Spanish course in Barcelona is that allows a conversation exchange with other Spaniards who also study in BCN Languages. This is an interesting resource for complementing this course with real-life practice in spoke interaction and expression. Also those students who wish so have the opportunity to improve their command of the written language by handing in each week the essays suggested by the teachers.