Spanish Courses in Barcelona


BCN Languages was founded in 1994 with the idea of being a language school that offered its students a personalized and close treatment and a great commitment to their process of learning Spanish.

In accordance with this philosophy our school is located on just one floor, it has 12 classrooms designed for small groups and our administrative team is close to students and teachers.

Our Spanish school is made up of 14 people: 5 of the Administrative and Academic Staff (Sandra, Paula, Tatiana, Olga and Anna) and 10 teachers (Marta, Àngels, Chema, Maribel, Núria, María, Mamen, Cristina L., Cristina M. and Laura).

Teamworkprofessionalism and proximity to the student are daily motivations for all of us and we believe that this is also true for all those people who, at some point in their life, decide to learn or improve Spanish at our school in Barcelona.

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