Spanish Courses in Barcelona


Jens Lüdeke

Nationality: German
Age: 43
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE B1+

I came to Barcelona for 2 weeks to study Spanish thanks to the new German law that gives us the opportunity to enjoy, each year, of extraordinary holidays for professional improvement during 1 week. I absolutely recommend BCN Languages – Eurocentres Barcelona. The teaching is very diverse and teachers are very professional and dedicated. The city of Barcelona offers a lot of possibilities for cultural enrichment and fun.

Pablo Santos

Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 23
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B1

When I decided to come to Barcelona I spent a lot of time looking for a school and finally found BCN Languages. Initially I had contact through the website and then by email. When I came here I was very well received and guided. The teachers are the best I’ve ever known. They really care of all students and motivate us every day to get in touch with the language.

Maria Concetta

Nationality: Italian
Age: 55
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE B2+

My friend Angela, who had already attended a course in BCN Languages, suggested me to do the same and I thank her for that. I have enjoyed the classes and the teachers. They are fun, very well prepared and have a lot of patience! Even though my course has been very short, my Spanish has improved and I hope I can return next year.

Juliano Dantas

Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 34
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE25 B2/B2+

I came to Barcelona to study Spanish for 4 weeks. I love the city. I had the opportunity to meet students from different countries and I improved my grammar and conversation skills with the help of my teachers. In the extra classes of culture I had the opportunity to visit many interesting places in Barcelona. I also practiced a lot my speaking skills in the different cultural activities organized by the school. I also recommend the school for the dedication and commitment of the entire staff.


Nationality: Italian
Age: 21 and 28
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE B1

We two work together. We came to Barcelona to learn Spanish. We visited many schools and finally we chose BCN Languages. We find the staff very professional and always willing to help. Initially we did a level test to check our level of Spanish. We started with A1 level but with the good work from our teachers, we improved our grammar and oral expression very fast. We recommend this School. The staff is really attentive with students, the groups are small and the prices are not expensive.

Benjamin Hayes

Nationality: British
Age: 36
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE B1

I moved to Barcelona a few months ago and was fortunate enough to be able to study Spanish for a few months before seeking work. I chose BCN Languages as the staff and teachers were friendly and the cost of the intensive courses was very competitive. I’m so pleased I did! I’ve made so much progress since I started. Teachers offer interesting and fun lessons, as well as support when you struggle (which I frequently do!) Lessons are clear and, by splitting them into grammar and conversation, you are able to really focus and then have time to practise. I’ve especially enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, finding out about their lives and cultures and debating the differences between them. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, competitively priced place to study, I’d highly recommend BCN Languages!

Antenor Simoes Junior

Nationality: Brasilian
Age: 35
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE10 B2+

BCN Languages is located very centrally in Barcelona and is easy to get to. The school has an excellent infrastructure. The teachers are very professional and there is a good relationship between the students. In one month doing a course I improved my writing and speaking skills. One of its advantages is the limited size of groups and the personal attention of the teachers. The school has very friendly staff and offers different cultural activities to all the students.

Fernanda & Co.

Nationality: Brasilian
Age: 32
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B2

I moved to Barcelona with my husband. We started studying together a month ago at BCN Languages and our improvement is remarkable. The school is very good. There are students of other nationalities and a wide range of ages. Classes are divided into grammar and conversation. We think two parts are necessary because you can’t speak well without having a good basis of grammar. We thank everyone in the school for their help in a time of so many changes in our lives.

olga burkova

Nationality: Russian
Age: 34
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B1+

Hello! My name is Olga. I am 34 years old and I am Russian. I came to Barcelona to improve my Spanish. I chose an intensive course of grammar and conversation. What can I say? The classes have given me very good grammar base. I would specially like to thank my teachers of BCN Languages: Àngels and Maribel! They are all very professional and kind! The classes are very fun and well-planned. The school is perfectly located in the center of the city of Barcelona. Can I recommend BCN Languages? Yes,yes and yes! It’s truly a perfect choice to learn Spanish!

Paola Lormini

Nationality: Italian
Age: 38
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE B1+

BCN Languages is the perfect school to learn Spanish (Spanish) quickly. In a little more than 2 months, I have learned a lot and I can talk and interact with many people. This is very important for my work. Teachers are very qualified. They are very kind and their classes are always fun. You learn the language in an easy way. The school’s atmosphere is very nice and pleasant. There are also many cultural activities after the classes. The school is located in a comfortable area and it is very well-communicated.

foto alexis marie

Nationality: French
Age: 36
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B1

Hi everyone! I am French. When I arrived in Barcelona I couldn’t speak Spanish. I studied in BCN Languages for three months and now I can speak, understand and write the language with no difficulties. The teachers are very professional, fun and always ready to solve all our doubts. The same for the reception of the school. Believe me, for every problem they have a solution. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet people from all over the world. The school is conveniently located in the center of Barcelona and is perfect for anyone who wants to learn quickly and effectively.


Nationality: American
Age: 31
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 10 C B2+

I’ve been in Barcelona for 3 years but all this time I’ve been working in a company where they speak English. This is why I’ve learned Spanish so slowly. 2 months ago I decided to go to conversation classes at BCN Languages. Now I can speak much better. I love the school. It has many extra resources to improve the language: a library with graded books, free newspapers every day and activities in Spanish to interesting places in Barcelona. In fact, I have already registered to grammar lessons next month! I recommend the school 100%.


Nationality: French
Age: 22
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE B2

I’ve always wanted to travel around the world and although I just had 3 months to spend travelling and as Spanish is such an important language as English I decided to move to Barcelona, a city I had already visited in the past and I love. First of all I thought I couldn’t improve my Spanish at all because I was going to stay such a short time in Barcelona but I really had a lovely surprise! In BCN Languages I’ve improved my spanish skills and I’ve had a lot of fun! Indeed, there are a lot of activities to do and everybody there is amazing and they help you the best they can. I didn’t feel any pressure and I progressed in a “familliar atmosphere”. I never believed I was going to feel so sad when leaving the school!


Nationality: Brasilian
Age: 23
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B2

I am Ygor, I am Brazilian and I have 23 years. The syllabus of BCN Languages is extraordinary and perfectly adapted to each student. Although I was at the school for only 3 weeks the improvement is remarkable and now I can speak, I can write and I can understand the language easily. The teachers are very friendly and they teach us with a lot of enthusiasm. The students come from different nationalities and they are very kind. The classes have 2 parts: grammar and conversation. The school is very well located in the center of Barcelona. It is the perfect school for those who want to learn quickly and effectively. In truth, I recommend it! In Barcelona I have spent some wonderful days! Thank you all!

Anna Gravina

Nationality: Italian
Age: 17
Course: Spanish ELE 20 B2+

I’m Anna and I’m 17 years old. I came to Barcelona to improve my Spanish and even though I was only in school for two weeks, I have to say that my English has improved a lot. I recommend studying in BCN languages because the classes of grammar and conversation are great! The teachers are very friendly and always happy to respond to any doubts. These weeks I had a great time! I learned a lot. Thank you for everything! I recommend you studying in this school. You won’t regret it!

Silvia Mehmod

Nationality: Italian
Age: 25
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B1+

I’m Silvia and I’m 25 years old. I came to Barcelona on Holidays for 2 weeks. During this time I studied Spanish in BCN Languages. I really liked the classes of grammar and conversation. The teachers use a good method of teaching. The classrooms are functional and efficient. There are also very interesting cultural activities. I am very happy for have been living this experience. I recommend it to all. Thank you BCN Languages!


Nationality: Polish
Age: 23
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B1+

I studied at BCN Languages for 3 months. At first I could not speak any Spanish but I attended a few levels and I improved a lot. Lessons are interesting because they deal with important issues. Teachers are fun and teach with a lot of passion. I recommend you to study here!



Nationality: German
Age: 20
Course: Spanish ELE 20 B1+

I am from Germany and I’ve been working for a year as an Au Pair in a Spanish family. I think the school helps me to meet people in the same situation as I am. Firstly I want to learn Spanish but, on the other hand, friends are needed too. I like very much the excursions on Thursdays, they are good because you do something together after school and because you explore different areas of Barcelona. Teachers are very friendly and have a good way to explain the grammar and everything. Finally, the intensive course has the perfect amount of students so the teacher can assist you very well and helps you in every subject.

Reina Muramatsu

Nationality: Japanese
Age: 23
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B1

I began to study at BCN Languages 2 and a half months ago. Teachers teach me with enthusiasm and the classes are fun. I can always ask for help to resolve any doubts. The teachers help me a lot with my language. In addition the classes are planned carefully. I am doing gramar and conversation classes and I can apply what I learn that same day. As well as the classes, I can also practise spanish inside and outside school. There is a library where I can borrow spanish books at all levels. Once a week the school offers a tour with all of the students wich is a lot of fun. I am very happy with the school. Thank you!


Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 48
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 10 B1+

I am a doctor and 25 years ago I came to Barcelona to do working experience programme in an Ophthalmologic Institute for 1 month. I started studying Spanish in Brazil 4 months ago and I enrolled at Bcn in order to obtain more fluency and improve my command of the language. I can say that the school has exceeded my expectations. Teachers have always been very attentive, kind and interested in our learning. Although I have only attended conversation classes made a significant improvement, not only in my vocabulary acquisition but also in grammar and gestures, so important for the acquisition of a language. Bcn Languages has encouraged me to continue studying and motivating me to improve my Spanish. I thank all the school staff for making which seemed a foreign language so familiar to all of us. Thank you for everything.


Nationality: Korean (South Korea)
Age: 23
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B2

I am from South Korea. I started my classes at BCN Languages on November 2015. I came here to study Spanish and to live an experience abroad. At the beginning I was very nervous when I had to speak Spanish in front of the other students, but the teachers helped me to lose the fear and to feel very comfortable. I love the teaching method because they can always give a clear answer to every question, and they are very kind. The lessons are very funny and we are learning many different concepts. I enjoy the variety of activities in the school and I can communicate myself with the other students. I am having a lot of fun.

Rodel Eugenio

Nationality: Filipino
Age: 37
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 A1+A2

I am Rodel Eugenio. I’ve been working in Barcelona for almost 10 years.  I wanted to improve my grammar and fluency. BCN languages was my first choice and I don’t regret it. They helped me to improve not only my gramar skills but my speaking. I was very lucky because both  my teachers for the two levels, A1 and A2, were very kind and patient. Studying at BCN languages has been a  greatful experience even for a  short period. It was amazing because I learned a lot and improved my language skills in such a short time. I’m very pleased with the attention received from the staff at  the school. I met many people from other countries. They were very friendly and I appreciate it a lot. Thanks to my teachers for their time  and effort. I highly recommend  BCN languages to learn Spanish.


Nationality: Belgian
Age: 22
Course: Intensive Spanish B2 and B2+

I live in Barcelona and work as an au-pair. Because I wanted to improve my level of Spanish I thought BCN Languages would be a good school and I was right. The atmosphere is great, the teachers are very nice and in a very short time you reach a high level. It’s also a good place to meet new people of different countries. Every week the school offers a great cultural programme and you can also sign up for an exchange programme. I had a great time studying at BCN Languages and I will surely recommend this school to people who want to study Spanish in Barcelona.


Nationality: Italian
Age: 32
Course: Intensive Spanish B1+

It was great. The B1 plus course has successfully fulfilled my expectations. It’s a complete course, both from the theoretical and practical point of view, with a good methodology that helps you to improve your Spanish at your pace. I’d like to highlight the dynamism of the classes, the attention received both from the School staff and the teachers, and the wide range of different nationalities I found as my classmates! I’d have liked to stay a little bit longer, but I had to return to Italy to enjoy Christmas with my family. Thank you for everything and I hope to come back very soon!


Nationality: Japanese
Course Spanish ELE 20 A2

I am very happy with my Spanish course. I have improved my fluency and consolidated the grammar. I like Barcelona and i’m really enjoying my stay here. I am also happy with the attention given by the school. I like the library service: I can loan graded readings in spanish to improve my reading skills and vocabulary.


Nationality: EE.UU.
Age: 62
Course: Intensive Spanish B2

I have taken classes for 2 months at BCN Languages and I have enjoyed my classes greatly, both the grammar and conversation class. All the teachers were excellent, and well prepared. The students had many opportunities to speak as well as practice grammar exercises in a manner that was instructional, but also fun. The book was stimulating and diverse, to keep it interesting. I would recommend BCN Languages to any English speaker coming to Barcelona.


Nationality: Dutch
Age: 24
Course: Intensive Spanish A2

In the last 7 weeks that I studied at BCN Languages my Spanish improved a lot as well as my knowledge about the Spanish culture. The teachers are friendly and helpful and have a very good energy. It was really fun getting to know new people from all over the world. The school is well located in the city (Gracia) and is well connected with the public transport. The facilities are good with spacious classrooms with a lot of daylight, a learning centre and a lot of self-study resources. I would really recommend this language school to anyone who is looking for one in Barcelona.


Nationality: Chinese
Age: 29
Course: Intensive Spanish ELE 20 B2+

I studied Spanish in BCN Languages for 6 months, starting from A1. At the beginning it was quite difficult, but with the help and guidance of the teachers here, I made very good progress. Now I am able to communicate in Spanish with my teachers and classmates. What I liked the most is at the beginning of every course my teacher had a meeting with me to find out my difficulties and the progress I made to assist me accordingly. My classmates are all around the world, I get to know different people and make new friends.


Nationality: French
Age: 35
Course: Intensive Spanish B1+

I’m french and I’ve been living in Barcelona for 5 months. I was looking for a nice school to learn Spanish, so I had a look at the website of the Cervantes Institute to have a list. I chose BCN Languages, then I did the written test (which seems to me to be very serious) and then the oral test.At school I found the teachers very friendly and reliable and they teach grammar to us in a practical way. I also like the kind of conversation we have, we speak about themes of everyday life. In addition, I love to know students from different cultures and I am lucky to share the class with them.In short, it’s been 6 weeks since I started studying here and my English is improving every day and I feel very happy about that.


Nationality: Japanese
Age: 26
Course: Spanish B2

I studied Spanish at school for 8 months. As it had not studied it before coming here, I started from “scratch”. First, it was difficult to understand and listen to what the teachers were saying. But I taught with patience until I understood. And also the advance of Spanish level allowed me to contact with the school staff. I am happy with the school because it has a welcoming atmosphere and good staff.


Nationality: Japanese
Age: 42
Course: Intensive B2

6 months ago, I did not know much Spanish. Now, I am excited to be able to communicate with Spanish people as well as with my colleagues in the class. In the school, the teachers are like my friends and it is great to know foreign students. Sometimes we are going together to excursions organized by the school and, some days, after the class, we go to a Japanese restaurant in which sometimes some students discover for the first time.


Nationality: British
Age: 22
Course: Spanish A2

When I arrived in Barcelona I did not speak any Spanish. However, the progress made in two months is incredible. This is because of the fun and interesting methods of teaching. For me BCN Languages is like a family, in which you are immediately welcomed. Thanks to BCN Languages I have enjoyed every minute.

2 (1)

Nationality: Turkish
Age: 22
Course: Intensive Spanish

First it started being a kind of different experience for me and then it turned out to be that I suddenly start feeling as a part of the family. This is such a happy environment to learn a different language and discover the city while practicing the language with wonderful people around. Feeling good away from home is what is hard to have, but here they put an extra smile on your face. BCN Languages are here to welcome students with their whole enthusiasm.

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Nationality: German
Age: 24
Course: Spanish B1

The school BCN Languages is really great. You learn the language and meet other people and good friends. At this school you speak a lot and this is good because only like this will improve the language you learn, you practice it a lot. What I also like are the activities every day. You see a lot of the city and meet new friends. It’s really great. And of course the people who work here are really nice, lovely and helpful. I like it every morning when I come to school the way how they say ¡Hola! Or ¡Buenos días! and smile. If the day begins in a good way everything will be fine.

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Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 24
Course: Spanish B2+

BCN Languages no es una escuela muy grande, lo que está muy bien porque si las clases no están llenas de alumnos los profesores pueden darnos bastante atención. También, justo por eso, el equipo conoce bien a todos nosotros y nos dan un trato personal. Tienen muchos cursos de diferentes lenguas con profesores nativos lo que para la mayoría es ideal.

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Nationality: Swedish
Age: 25
Course: Spanish A1 – B2+

The intimacy and informal character of the school makes it easy to feel almost at home, and a personal connection with the professional teachers allow for an equally fun and efficient learning environment.


Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 43
Course: Spanish B2

La experiencia en BCN Languages me sorprendió. Todo el material, los profesores y la familia en la que me quedé fueron fantásticos. La interacción con los alumnos, las visitas a los sitios más famosos de Barcelona han añadido muchas cosas buenas en casi un mes de estancia aquí. Yo ya conocía Eurocentres London Lee Green y Eurocentres Barcelona confirmó la calidad de la enseñanza. Seguro que recomendaré Eurocentres para mis amigos.